Breaking Glass Kicking Ass


Breaking glass Kicking Ass NFT by Award Winning Artist Karin Brauns. Own this exclusive Karin Brauns NFT which represents the original physical artwork as depicted in the image. Holder(s) of this NFT will be given early access the Karin Brauns official merchandise store where a selection of Karin Brauns merchandise is available for purchase. Once you own this NFT to receive the physical 36" x 48" acrylic and mixed media artwork on canvas please email your shipping details, quoting the transaction ID and wallet address holding the NFT. Email: Website:

  • 37500 ONE

  • $0

  • Token ID62
  • Contract 0xA10689.....9e8387Be  Copy Address
  • Blockchain Harmony
  • Token StandardHRC721
  • MetaDatashow
  • Creator Royalties15%