Blockperks Protocol

We envision a digital world that is open, permissonless and collaborative.

The Blockperks Protocol is designed as a set of building blocks which enables the creation of fully customized NFT experience of any level and complexity.

NFT Launchpad

Team and partners listing over
$184,000,000 NFT assets in 2021

Blockperks Token

The Blockperks token [$PERKS] is the native token and social
currency that
powers the Blockperks ecosystem.

  • Rewards
  • Staking
  • Governance
  • In-App Purchases
  • Loyalty Program
  • VIP Privileges

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The Blockperks token [$PERKS] is the native token and social currency that powers the Blockperks ecosystem.

Multi-chain NFT ecosystem

Blockperks simplifies the process for brands, influencers and
creators to engage and monetise their social audience using a
next-generation blockchain technology that eliminates
expensive gas fees and stops slow transaction speeds.

Blockperks Protocol ensures the underlying asset has a one-to-one unbreakable cryptographic link to the NFT.

The unique non-linear cryptographic binding of the underlying asset ensures the NFT cannot be re-created without the NLSS QR mark, which increases trust and value.

NFT Launchpad Components

The Blockperks token [$PERKS] is the
native token and social currency
powers the Blockperks ecosystem.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Asset Creation & Management

Sourcing & IP Derivative Extension

Legal & Copyright

Full Stack & Blockchain Technology

Proprietary Authentication & Encryption Technology

Integrated Digital, PR & Influencer Strategy

Internalised Network of 500M + 480M Influencer
Reach - Globally scalable across the entire internet

Exclusive Facebook Pixel/messenger Bot Technology

Quantum Accelerator

Quantum Accelerator - Experience Enhancing NFTs, Rewards Holders With Airdrop Opportunities, Staking Multipliers and Early Bird Access!

Blockperks DAO

Radical transparency and harmonious integration with Blockperks NFT technologies. Blockperks DAO plans to acquire, govern and control the Blockperks creator coin marketplace

Meet the TEAM!

Blockperks is backed by a decentralized
management team and highly
team of full-time technical

  • Gary Collins

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Multiple-founder, Agency Lead, $200M+ in Sales Delivered.

  • Saher Bin Jung

    Co-Founder and CFO

    Ex Morgan Stanley, Head of Credit Asia

  • Umar Abbas

    Head of Technical Development

    Platform Architecture, Systems and Blockchain Engineering

  • Adrian Williams

    Business Development

    Criteo, Teads and Repped Technologies

  • Rhett Ullman


    NFT Strategist, CMO Melt, Music and Media, NFT Licensing

  • Geeth Maduranga

    Head of UX and Design

    Product Designer, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision

  • Adam Chaplin


    CEO DeFi For You, Ex Founder, CEO DigChain

  • Elle Ullman

    NFT, Advisor

    Celebrity Brand Management, CEO Team 33, CEO Melt Music

  • Saad Durrani

    Technical Project Lead

    Metaverse, Web3, P2E Games, NFT Marketplaces, NFT Pre-sales

  • Hamza Aslam

    Senior Software Engineer

    Full Stack Developer, Front-end integratios, Javascript, NodeJS, Mongo,

  • Danish Rabbani

    Senior Blockchain Engineer

    Smart Contract Developer, RUST, Solidity, PHP, Teeside University

  • Faiq Khan

    UX and UI Lead

    Front end developer, HTML, HTML5, NextJS, Web3, Crypto