Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once the seller has accepted the offer and the transaction has been performed successfully. The currency will be automatically transferred to his/her wallet.
Yes, Blockperks charge 5% of transaction fee
Blockperks supports Harmony Blockchain. Harmony is a fast, reliable and secure blockchain.
When we mint an NFT, the cost of minting on Blockperks depends on the token “One” by Harmony Blockchain.
Yes, it is completely safe. When you connect your wallet with Blockperks, you only give us permission to “see the addresses of your connected account” which means we cannot take anything out of your wallet. Any transaction that costs you money will have its own pop-up that you must confirm each time. So, when you’re on Blockperks you are safe.
Blockperks charge 2.5% with perks, 5% with ONE token.
NFT royalties are payments provided to the original NFT owner when the owner/creation artist is sold again. During the minting process, the original owner chooses the NFT royalty on the marketplace, or blockchain platform. The royalties are tracked using blockchain. In Blockperks, NFT royalties are derived from secondary sales, which occur in the marketplace after the first sale.


  • 1. How to install and connect a wallet to Blockperks?

    Step 1: First, you have to install the metamask extension on your browser.

    Step 2: Once you have installed the metamask extension, then you need to set up your metamask account.

    Step 3: After setting the metamask account click the connect button on Blockperks website and a pop up will open in your metamask extension.

    Step 4: You need to click the Sign button in the pop up to connect your metamask account with the Blockperks account.

    Step 5: Now your account is connected and you can set up your Blockperks profile.

  • 2. How to create my Profile?

    Step 1: Click the address bar and open the profile, then click the edit profile button.

    Step 2: Then upload your photo and enter the given credentials accordingly and click on the update your profile button.

  • 3. How to mint an NFT?

    After setting up your profile you can mint your NFT. Go to the create page. And upload your NFT here.

  • 3a. How to mint an NFT for sale?

    f you simply want to mint your NFT for sale, then select the sale button, select the coins you want to use and set the NFT price and press the create button.

  • 3b. How to mint NFT on auction

    If you want to mint your NFT on auction then select the auction button and select the NFT price, then set the start auction Date-Time and set the end auction Date-Time and then press the create button

  • 4. How to set royalties on Blockperks?

    When you are minting your NFT you can set your royalties from 0 to 50%.

  • 5. How can you buy NFT on Blockperks?

    Step 1: Go to the marketplace.

    Step 2: Then select your desired art and click the buy with token button.

    Step 3: Then click on the confirm button which appears on the metamask extension on your screen.

  • 6. How to relist your NFT for sale on Blockperks?

    After buying NFT from the marketplace you can relist your NFT from your profile.

    Step: Select the NFT which you want to relist, then select your desired price and click on the update price button and then relist your NFT.

  • 7. How to remove and hide NFT on Blockperks?

    If you are the creator, only then can you remove and hide your NFT.

    Step: Go to your profile and select the NFT which you want to remove or hide, then select the top right more option button and burn and hide your NFT.

  • 8. How to re auction an NFT on Blockperks?

    If you are the owner of the NFT, only then can you place your NFT again for re auction.

    Step 1: Go to your profile and select the desired NFT you want to re auction.

    Step 2: Set your desired price and click the update price button.

    Step 3: Then set the Start Auction Date-Time and set the End Auction Date-Time and click the re auction button.